Elin Waak

Artist living in Stockholm. She explore her Sami heritage through art. The contribution Elin Waak submitted to "The Art of Being a Woman" symbolizes the history of the Sami woman. 

Art title: "Sami Woman"

There have been, and still are, difficulties for Sami women to act from the position of being both Sami and a woman. In many situations and contexts, women must subordinate themselves as women in order to emphasize their Saminess instead, could this be the explanation for why there has never been a strong Sami women's movement?

Through this work, Waak wants to highlight the Sami woman, by using the technique of embroidery that has historically been a craft that the Sami woman made a living on. The abstract patterns symbolize the map of uncertainty and vulnerability that characterizes the history of the Sami woman.

Dimensions: 52x72cm

Sami woman, 2022

13 000kr

Email address for sale: elinwaak@gmail.com

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