Elin Wallenstam Sjögren

Elin Wallenstam Sjögren is a textile artist educated at HDK/Valand and living in Gothenburg. A common pattern in her work is the color scale that alludes to skin and flesh. I draw inspiration from the feeling of being undressed, fascinated by vulnerability as a prerequisite for strength.

Art title: "Du mänskliga varelse, ljuv och otämjbar"

Elin Wallenstam Sjögrens art piece; Du mänskliga varelse, ljuv och otämjbar is part of a series of weaves. Thinking about the forms her fallen hair creates on the floor in the shower. Rapunzel was locked in because she was too beautiful. And how showing your hair can be dangerous? Thoughts about being tamed or untamed. Free or under the judgment of others. The body is your own, free to love regardless. Show it, share it, or don’t.

Size: 103 x 183 cm Year: 2022 Price: 35 000: -

I wanted to create an object that doesn't apologize for itself, taking up space but at the same time whispering about closeness and raw beauty.

Contact: 0709504844 info@ewskonst.com www.ewskonst.com @ewskonst

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