Frida Littorin

Frida Littorin, 26, is an Interior Architecture & Furniture Design student at Konstfack. Aside from her studies, she is active with her art where she illustrates moments from Stockholm’s youth scenery and interprets its emotions - sadness, joy, confusion, and its insatiable strive for a sense of belonging. Frida has since 2019 curated her art on the Instagram account @casateck. 

Art title: The pre-date night shower - Fresh af!

Is the process of getting ready for a date ”self-care” or a self-destructive behaviour? Scrubbing, washing, shaving, waxing, plucking, smearing, painting, spraying; the hidden work to achieve perfection. All for the 10 o’clock fuck. 

A4, 210 x 297 mm 

Original: 2000 kr / Print: 300 kr 

Year: 2022 



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