259 applications were received for the fourth edition of Miss Clara´s open art exhibition “The Art of Being a Woman”. The artworks are chosen by a jury of four women: Ditte Lauridsen (Head of Art at Nordiska Galleriet), Charlotte Manning (poet and public speaker), Caroline Dalenson Anchér (founder and Director of gallery Carling Dalenson), and Magda Lundberg (artist and cartoonist).

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Miss Clara by Nobis invites you to the exhibition "Women in art" (from 6.30 pm onwards) featuring the 22 selected works by female artists. ⁠The exhibition will be on display at Miss Clara by Nobis for a month and all artworks will be for sale.

On the opening day, Miss Clara by Nobis will donate 50% of all profits from the restaurant and bar sales to Kvinna till Kvinna, an organization working with women's human rights in several countries.

God save women

A noblewoman sits in ruins after the war. Queen Elizabeth rules while Madonna rocks and the women's prison is full. The young woman tries to save her husband from dying of the needle and Prince Charles waves from behind a dead tree and Diana is nowhere to be seen.

Spelar Piano

Giorgi's work depicts the big in the small, on an invisible border between the coalface and the anguish. An ambiguity that she likes.

Events by water (a mothers care)

It is in the small things, in our care, that we show our love for each other, for nature, and for life. It is in the importance of small movements, childhood play, and important little conversations. Wanker wants to cherish that feeling in this image, the feeling that we all belong together.


Wilson´s work with alabaster is rooted in her own origins, her father is from Nigeria, the works are named after feminine gods from the Yoruba religion. When Wilson works in stone, she does not make a model but works directly in the material. The original shape of the stone inspires her and parts of the raw surface with its traces of drill, saw blade and chisel are left in her sculptures.

Bada du

"Bada du" shows an unconstructed, unretouched, everyday bathing situation and an unconstructed, unretouched ordinary backside.


This piece, like most of Matérns work, does not represent an isolated feeling but a process of leaving the old behind and stepping into something new.


Her paintings are inspired by those everyday moments we have but hardly noticed. Those in-between moments. 

Du mänskliga varelse, ljuv och otämjbar

Rapunzel being locked in because she was too beautiful. And how showing your hair can be dangerous? 

The body as your own, free to love regardless. Show it, share it, or don’t.

Utflykt i matriarkat, 1863

What art history could have looked like if we lived in a matriarchy, an image that might be perceived as bizarre.

The polyglobe

Isabelle is intrigued by the diverse expressions of clay - bold yet fragile.

Samisk kvinna

There have been, and still are, difficulties for Sami women to act from the position of being both Sami and being a woman. 


Where in the city do we find our natural places? In which spaces do we find stillness?

The pre-date night shower - Fresh af!

Is the process of getting ready for a date ”self-care” or a self-destructive behaviour? 

Silhouettes No.07

Silhouettes is created with inspiration drawn from ancient vessels exploring volume, perspective and tactility. 

The Red Coat

The subject is Maia in a red coat. She is standing in the Old Town of Stockholm and there is a calmness at this time of day.

Polisen i Central Park

"The officer clarified that she only let me take one picture, I shook my hand and took an exposure."

The dept of the surface

Löf plays with the abstract shapes and colors that she finds out in nature, and then allows the work to emerge through the viewers perspective. 


A wearable micro sculpture in bronze with gems inspired by the collective subconscious and archetypes theory by Carl Jung. 

Womens Eyes

"What makes her special is her individuality and desire for originality in the way she mixes different expressions."


Through everyday objects and material translations, Isa Andersson investigates contemporary power structures, status symbols, and survival aesthetics. 

Månadens faser

Phases and cycles of women. Like the moon, in the dark and in the light.

does she know that we’re under water?

Even on the toughest surfaces, beauty can bloom.

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