Lovisa Wanker

Lovisa became brain-dead after a childbirth injury (blood clot in her head in 2008), but through photography and art she finds an outlet for her need for connection and a richer life. Previously in the music and culture industry (Uppsala, Stockholm, Malmö since 1999). Is definitely, but unconsciously, influenced and inspired by art and film in my image storytelling. I have been featured in the Free Photographers branch, the Arbetets Museum's documentary photo salon, an Italian art book by E Kessels, had images featured on album covers and Lensculture and VSCO have highlighted my images. Some works are currently hanging in old gold frames at The Norrmans at Häckeberga Castle.

Art title: Events by water (a mothers care)

Taken in August 2022, the day before school started. The importance of small movements, outstretched hands, children's play and important little conversations. Think that's what life is all about; the small caring movements and the water are absolutely essential to our existence. In the small things, in our caring, we show our love for each other, nature, and life. Want to cherish that feeling in this image (that we all belong together).

Year: August 2022

Price: Depending on size. 

A1 including frame 8500 kr

E-mail for sales: lovisa.wanker@gmail.com

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