Miss Clara's AW Friday's

Welcome to an AW at Miss Clara's!

At Miss Clara we're celebrating Fridays with inviting one of our favourite Stockholms DJs. 


Music - DJ Pauline Högberg, P.A.U


Music - DJ Axel Tesch

Axel has been playing records and arranging clubs in Stockholm since the past 10 years. At Miss Clara he will share a mix of disco, rare grooves, easy listening and beats


Music - DJ Johanna Lindberg

With a passion for disco, funk and a well sorted collection of vinyls, Johanna's dream is to create a modern studio 54. She's based in Stockholm where she's been playing records for the past six years. When she's not playing AW's at Miss Clara you can find her at Strandvägen 1, Taverno Brillo, Urban Deli and Noppes, to name a few


Music - DJ Josefina Hillman


Music - DJ Beatrice Edling

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