New Year´s Eve at Miss Clara

Did you know that the pressure in a bottle of Champagne can unleash a cork in 50 miles per hour? This can cause major eye-injuries, and yet, the average person is said to be more concerned about failing dinner or having a dull New Years Eve than about getting hurt. Risk neither injury’s or boredom – Stay safe and celebrate NYE with professionals at Miss Clara instead! We know how to un-cork with safety and we also have great experience in serving fabulous suppers!

Miss Clara's New Years Supper offers a festive four-course menu! We sure highly recomend you to top it off with our perfectly paired wine package. After dinner, our bartenders will gladly serve you fantastic cocktails while you dance the night away in Miss Clara’s bar. Or, if you’d rather seek your own urban adventure, our great location in the heart of Stockholm offers endless possibilities to continue the night at any of Stockholm’s many NYE bashes. 

Menu 995 SEK/person
Wine package 600 SEK/person 


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Phone: +46 (0) 8-440 67 00

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