The Art of Being a Woman

The application for our open exhibition The Art of Being a Woman is now open.

We are now looking for artworks made by women all over the country to be presented in our exhibition opening on International Women's Day 8th of March. Anyone who defines themselves as a woman can apply to be exhibited, whether you are young, old, an amateur, or a professional artist.

The artworks are chosen by a jury of four women: Ditte Lauridsen, Head of Art at Nordiska Galleriet, Charlotte Manning, poet and public speaker, Caroline Dalenson Anchér, founder and Director of gallery Carling Dalenson and Magda Lundberg, artist and cartoonist published in DN and Sydsvenskan.

Miss Clara by Nobis is housed in a building originally constructed in 1910 as the girl’s school Ateneum. The hotel was named Miss Clara by Nobis as a tribute to the beloved and progressive principal Clara Strömberg. With the exhibition The Art of being a Woman, we want to enable women to tell their stories with the help of art.

The exhibition will be on display at Miss Clara by Nobis for a month and all artworks will be for sale. On the opening day, Miss Clara by Nobis will donate 50% of all profits from the restaurant and bar sales to Kvinna till Kvinna, an organization working with the human rights of women in several countries.

About the jury

Ditte Lauridsen is the Head of Art at Nordiska Galleriet, where she gracefully curates three floors of artworks, international design pieces, and high-quality objects. Her art career began at Lars Bohman Gallery (now Bohman Knäpper) in 2007 and evolved into including interior with her work with vintage shop Dusty Deco.

Charlotte Manning is a multi-disciplinary creative. As a poet, published writer, part-time model and Events Manager at Soho House Stockholm, she sees beauty in creating new narratives and curating new perspectives and worldviews through storytelling. 

Caroline Dalenson Anchér is the founder and Director of the gallery Carling Dalenson. Raised in a family where work, as well as leisure, revolved around art, she is now running her international art gallery at Sibyllegatan 49 in Stockholm.

Magda Lundberg is an artist and cartoonist. Her paintings are abstract, in contrast to her cartoons which are humorous in their way of making the viewer recognize themselves. Her cartoon series Fåglar (Birds) was released as a book in 2021 and is published every week in Swedish national newspapers DN and Sydsvenskan.

How to apply to Women in art / Q&A

What do I apply with?  A finished artwork, a photo, a painting, a sculpture, an installation, or what you want to show. All works that are accepted must be delivered ready to be exhibited, for example, framed and with a hanger.  

Who can apply? Anyone who defines themselves as a woman.

When is the last day to apply? January 31st, 2023, at 12:00.

How many artworks can I apply with? One artwork

How do I apply? The application must contain: 

- Picture of the work/works - Name, Dimensions, Price, Year in which the work was created 

- Short description about the artist, (max 3 sentences) 

- Short description of the artwork, (max 3 sentences)

Send your application to

How many artworks will be selected? Between 10-15 depending on size.

When will I find out if I’m a part of the exhibition? We will contact the selected artists no later than February 8th, 2023.

Delivery of the artworks The artist is responsible for transporting her work to Miss Clara by Nobis, on March 2nd or 3rd 2023.

What if someone wants to buy my artwork? All artworks will be for sale, and the artist herself determines the price. Miss Clara by Nobis mediates the contact between the artist and the buyer, who oversee the purchase themselves.

Will my art be covered by insurance? Miss Clara by Nobis will not cover insurance for the artworks in the exhibition "The Art of Being a Woman". Exhibiting is therefore at your own risk. 

How long will the artworks hang?  All artwork will be displayed at Miss Clara by Nobis for one month. The artist or the buyer must pick up the artwork between 20-21st of April 2023.

Will there be an Opening night?  Yes! Miss Clara by Nobis will invite the artists and their near and dear ones on International Women’s Day 8th of March between 5 pm – 6.30 pm (10 guests per exhibitor). After 6.30 pm the exhibition will be open to the public and everyone is welcome.

Who do I contact if I have any questions? Send an e-mail to         

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