Yemisi Wilson

Wilson was born on 8 March 1968 and trained in art at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Florence Italy, she also lived in Pietrasanta where she carved in marble. After twenty years in Italy she moved back to Stockholm and has her studio in Vinterviken. She visits quarries and selects her stones on the spot in Italy, Spain and Älvdalen, in her works Yemisi's traditional training and knowledge meets an intuitive and modern approach.

Art title: ”Yemoja”

Her work with alabaster is rooted in Yemisi's own origins, her father is from Nigeria, the works are named after feminine gods from the Yoruba religion. When Yemisi works in stone she does not make a model but works directly in the material, the original shape of the stone inspires her and parts of the raw surface with its traces of drill, saw blade and chisel are left in her sculptures. The spiritual connection is enhanced by the alabaster's lustre and transparency, the faces are almost luminescent, the rough unfinished highlights the gently polished, silky features of the face, the woman through the ages.

"Yemoja" Major Water Spirit - Holy Yoruba Names. Sculpture in Spanish alabaster.

Dimensions of the sculpture without foundation; H:23 W:29 D:36 cm. Signed: Yemisi Wilson

Foundation dimensions H:5 W:27 D:27 cm

Year: 2022

Price: 35 000 kr. The pictures on a concrete 


Instagram: @yemisiwilson

Mobil: +46762931703



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